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SaaS Validation

We at Cordia Solutions create a comprehensive testing strategy for SaaS validation. SaaS validation encompasses different aspects of system features, ranging from security to interoperatility. These aspects are packaged through agile methodology and automated testing.


The security and integration issues pose a challenge due to multitenant architecture and 3rd party software. We make sure that there are no data security, privacy, business logic, data integration, performance, interface compatibility, and scalability issues. 


Business workflows and other competent functionalities needs to be part of the testing strategy. 


System availability and interoperability testing are the main pillars of SaaS testing. System availability makes sure that the application is available at all times for the users. Interoperability is paramount to ensure the system is working across different browsers and platforms. 


We employ agile methodology and test automation, which make SaaS testing efficient.  The adoption of Agile methodology improves the time to market and benefit from frequent release cycles. Automated tests ensure the regressions are identified before the release promptly. 

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