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  • Sudhanshu Kumar

ERP Reporting Accuracy from Multiple Systems

Single unified reporting infrastructure is in high demand for corporations that have multiple systems. It must have the capability to report on numerous sources and be fully automated to provide your company's mission-critical data analytics. This should seamlessly work by reducing errors, duplications, and data inconsistencies as business profitability and revenue generation rely on it.

For more than 30+ years, we have been using ETL (Extract Transform and Load) to create a data warehouse which takes a long time to develop and is tedious to maintain. Now more companies are looking for real-time solutions which can support historical data reporting as well; as a result, they are moving to technologies like Spark SQL. Spark SQL accomplishes both objectives more straightforward way.

The shift to a new paradigm provides three significant benefits to businesses.

1) Better and more informed business decisions

Access to accurate and up-to-date information provides the ability to make successful decisions. For example, KPIs for employees and departments can be tracked in real-time through ERP dashboards, which help make timely decisions to improve performance and increase efficiency. Using data from each department, resource, or asset, helps avoid stagnation.

2) Running Efficient Operations

Business operations are run smoothly without much manual intervention and interruptions using well-constructed real-time reports. Consider the case of a sudden pick up in demand for products or services that would enable you to address the surge in real-time.

3) Improved Customer Experience

The most important factor that provides an improved customer experience is data insights. For example, interaction between CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system provides extensive customer history, purchasing habits, and more. Integrated reporting capabilities give instant feedback on how each step of the customer's journey has taken place. This data can later be used to improve customer experience, creating better targeted and more focused customer interactions that will ultimately improve retention, engagement, and sales in real-time.

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